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2016 Dohrmann Super Bowl Fitbit Challenge

By November 20, 2016 November 29th, 2016 Employee Benefits

Five employees of Visionary Home Builders covered a lot of ground in January. The group, competing as a team they dubbed “The Non-Athletics”, logged a total of 1,221 miles to win the Super Bowl Fitbit challenge sponsored by Dohrmann Insurance Agency.

Headquartered in Stockton Visionary Home Builders mission is to create and advocate for healthy, vibrant, safe communities through the development of affordable housing and educational opportunities to families, seniors and individuals of low and moderate income. “I am a big believer in fitbit, I have changed my life and I have witnessed people in our organization changing their lives as well. The Super Bowl Challenge wasn’t our first fitbit challenge, but we had a great time competing against other local companies. We love what Dohrmann Insurance is doing to improve the health of our team and companies in San Joaquin County,” said Carol Ornelas, founder and CEO of Visionary Home Builders.

Dohrmann Insurance, also located in Stockton, launched the competition with helping clients such as Visionary Home Builders develop healthier workforces and ultimately lower their health insurance costs. Because many of Dohrmann’s clients are small companies with 50 to 250 employees, they don’t yet have established wellness programs.

“We took a look internally nine months ago and said, ‘What more of a role can we play. How can we help our customers have healthier employees?’” said Dohrmann’s Director of Strategy and Innovation Bryan Colyer. “We just don’t want to be the company that says, ‘Here’s your plan and here’s your deductible and see you next year.’ We want to be more than that.”

The result was to start a Fitbit wellness program for their customers. The Super Bowl challenge was a step challenge among 10 local clients in Modesto, Stockton, and Lodi. The team with the highest daily average steps would win the challenge.

Each team had five participants, a team captain and for teammates – to compete in the challenge. Dohrmann provided free Fitbits for all the participants. All the Super Bowl challenge participants were able to track their own progress along with that of their teammates and competition through a workplace challenge group Dohrmann set up on the Fitbit website.

The next challenge will be a group challenge where all participants work together to step to Dublin, Ireland by March 18th to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. It’s a 5,032 mile journey from Stockton to Dublin, Ireland.